Artist Statement

'I used to be a...'
Recycled cans, vitreous enamels, silver

I am an artist/maker working with metals and recycled materials; My work explores the environmental and aesthetic culture of re-cycling. I re-work and up-cycle discarded materials; applying traditional techniques and making tools.  I have a great respect for traditional craft skills and for me it is important to be involved with the making process. I also value the feeling of empowerment and well being that comes from learning a skill, therefore an essential aspect of my practice is to pass on my skills and experience through teaching and workshops. My attitude to the practice of making and craft is that they have an essential and dual purpose in our culture. Part of that practice is to work responsibly with what is available; part is to share those skills and understanding of the value of making and makers. 

I have worked within art education teaching practical Jewellery classes and Art and Design to Children, Adults, College groups and Community groups for the last 8 years. Click here or on the workshops tab above to see more