Donning Oxford

Tangible Networks 

Having lived and worked in Oxford for nearly nine years, my experience of this city is as steeped in the everyday journeys, and interactions as it is in famous, stories and landmarks. The connections and networks formed between people and place, town and gown, reality and fiction; form an intricately woven web that dons Oxford. 

Tamsin Leighton-Boyce, May 2012

'Mutually Beneficial'  Necklace 2012

'Guilds I'  Pin 2012

'Guilds III' Pin 2012

'Guilds IV'  Pin 2012

'Guilds II' Pin 2012

'Inextricably Linked' Necklace 2012

'Innercity II' Pin 2012

Materials- Recycled polypropylene packaging, paint. Steel and brass findings

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